About Us

The Rose Urban Green Fund created a Low Income Community Advisory Board and launched its national CDE platform in 2009.  Based in Denver, Colorado, The Rose Urban Green Fund’s central mission that guides all of its activities is creating “Communities of Opportunity” in Low Income Communities.  Communities of Opportunity is a highly integrated approach to breaking the cycle of poverty through a purpose-driven, integrated investment and development strategy that addresses the need for quality housing, health, education, jobs and job training, and cultural facilities.

The Rose Urban Green Fund has a lengthy track record of lending to projects that are in highly distressed low-income communities, have been declined by traditional lenders and have exhausted other forms of funding options: minority developers that have a smaller balance sheet; commercial projects lacking credit tenancy; landlords purposely accepting lower rents and lease terms in order to provide affordable space to local, nonprofit or minority tenants.

Since inception, RUGF has received over $200.0M in allocation authority (5 awards) which it has deployed into 24 projects (22 active), including 11 borrowers that received Small Dollar QLICIs and 8 projects located in NMTC under-represented states.

The Rose Urban Green Fund, LLC is an affiliate of Jonathan Rose Companies, an award winning real estate development, planning, civic development and smart growth investment firm.

If you would like to submit your business or project for evaluation by RUGF, please email us at rugf@rosecompanies.com